Landscape/ Seascape WORKSHOP DAYS. 

Workshop days comprise of me Ian Robinson taking you on a full days photography shoot on locations around Norfolk and Suffolk.

Workshops are available with me Ian Robinson to the  Lake district, Cornwall and Scotland for 3 day workshops or 5 days.


Workshops for 3 days with cottage in the lakes, Scotland or Devon  is priced at £375.00 per person.

Workshops for 5 days with cottage or accommadation is priced at £599.00

There are 2 workshops to the lake District and  one for Scotland and one for Devon.

The Lakes winter workshops run february 12th to 14th  3 days differing locations this date coinsides with snow scenes 

The Lakes Autumn Workshops run November 3th to 5th 3 days differing locations, this date coinsides with the best of the colours in Autumn.

Scotland 5 day Workshop runs Wednesday  March 16th - Sunday March 20th   these dates coinside with snow capped mountains 

Devon 3 or 5 day workshop July more details will follow on this one.



Please ask if you wish for more details on these trips..




What do you receive for your Money.

I will take you to many Beautiful areas starting with the Morning Sun rise and or the evening Sunset.

We then come back to my office where we have a drink and I show you how I process my Images, we will process your best image and then print a copy off for you to take home.

From start of Morning to finish of workshop can take up to 6 hours,  bring your food and drink

Food and Drink not included in price.

I will be teaching you many new skills in composition, camera set up, and what is essential and what is not to take wonderful Landscape/Seascape photographs.

My aim is to teach Landscape photography so you go home with great photos. 

I have transport and I am happy for you to travel with me up to 3 people. other than that you can follow me to locations in your own vehicles.

I do not allow more than 6 people per workshop day,  this ensures you get the best of my skills and attention at all times.

I do 1 to 1 workshops as well the price is £135.00 and includes being driven to locations in a camper van where after our Morning shoot we can enjoy a cup of coffee/Tea and a Bacon roll then go on to doing editing at the studio.



What will you need.

You will need the following for the day.

1 DSLR camera or any camera including compact cameras. 

2 wide angle lens if using a DSLR or similar

3 tripod

4 shutter release, not essential but useful 

5 pen and paper to take notes

6 wellies and sensible clothing for the conditions

7 Food and Drink 


Wildlife Workshops Days


Wildlife workshop days comprise of me, Ian Robinson taking you to locations in Norfolk or Suffolk and teaching you the art of Wild life photography.

You will be taught what settings and techniques I use to get the best results from your camera and lens, we will be in the field for approximately 4 hours and then 1-2 hours showing you how I process my images to get the very best from the files.


What will you need

You will need a camera DSLR is preferable however not essential as a Bridge camera is good enough too.

A long lens anything from 300mm onwards. 

A mono pod or tripod depending on size and weight of lens using.


And clothing to suit the day we go, preferably not bright colours.




Prices per Workshop day.

One to One workshop days  £135.00


Groups of 3 to 4  workshop days £75.00 each


if you have groups of 5-6 workshop days £35.00 each


Payable on the Morning of workshop.

Workshops vary in times through out the year so please phone or text for a start time.


Workshop days can be booked by phone or simply send me an email, text,facebook message with your requirements.

For away Workshops such as The Lakes in Colour a deposit will be required of £100 to secure your booking.


Tel: 07830080496

Email: ian.photographic@gmail.com