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05/10/2013 - 17:21

Hi all at EPZ I would just like to thank you all very much for my new and amazing prize win for the Wildlife competition the Canon 70D Kit. I thought it would only be right to give an honest review of this camera so far and to say thank you, thank you Thank you. I have had the Camera only one evening and this morning so I can only review on what my findings are so far, so here goes. on first eagerly opening the box containing my prize my first thoughts were,,,, nice like the look not much in changes there, so a good thing for me as I like and am used to navigating my way round canon cameras, I own the 7D, 5D mkiii, and the G15 to take with me anywhere so you can see I like Canon and there ease of use. Holding the camera felt like I had a quality camera in my hands some may say it feels plastic feeling, but I would disagree, plastic is the canon 450D not this, this feels like a nice wieghted quality Camera. After looking at the camera intently I put a spare battery I have into the camera and started charging the new one, clearly I could not wait to see the camera in action Smile. As I always do I went through the menu to see what was new and get used to the new functions, my findings were very pleasing to me to say the least. As I played and took random shots using the back screen I soon realised the take shot icon on the bottom left of the screen so pressed this and the screen, low and behold it focused where i touched and took the photo in what seemed a very speedy time, wow I was blown away with this and already owning but selling the olympus EP-3 which does the same so i was used to this function, IMHO though i do feel the canon 70D performs much better. I started to play with the video using the back screen, I have to say I was very impressed by the touch screen, I can touch the screen where i want the focus to go and it does this well, I think this is new to canon and I love this function in a video mode, it means you can focus or auto focus just by using the centre focusing spot and moving the camera to where you want to focus and it focuses automatically if that makes sense, just like a camcorder does. this is a first for canon and works very well, a long time coming and makes film making a breeze and more professional looking. so as you can see I am very impressed with the back articulating screen alone. Ok now for the IQ side of things, the IQ is very good as you would expect from a sensor you find in the 1DX and the 5D mk iii, also having the 7D's 19 point focusing system plus a nice rate of fire at 7fps this should be a cracking camera. I could not wait till the morning to take some bird shots in my Garden and when it was time I was up and out, putting my canon 600mm f4 l is usm lens on to it. The morning was really gloomy so not a bad test to see if this camera could cope. Here's the results. 1000 ISO, 1/250th shutter speed, f4, Ill be honest i was not expecting a great image from these settings but to be fare the camera coped exceedingly well. img-0110.jpg The shot you see was taken in poor light, taken in RAW as always, and there is no cleaning of Noise here which I would normally do but not today, so an impressive result from an unimpressive gloomy morning, If this was my 7D I would have had no chance of getting this shot and the noise would be terrible. I am so Impreseed so far with this camera that I am selling my 7D. There is however one little ball ache and that is i will have to upgrade my Lightroom 4 to Lightroom 5 at £59 for the upgrade but to be fare thats a small price to pay for this sweet camera.


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