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Ian's portfolio comprises of many photography techniques which he has very much enjoyed doing, and now shares with you.


Photography by Ian Robinson 

Ian has produced some work that has won him Awards and got his images published in Magazines and papers, as well as winning competitions for his work.

Ian has always loved photography from an early age but never got the opportunity to take it up seriously as he does now.

Owning many cameras and lenses in the past has taught Ian the craft of photography not to mention the courses Ian has done.

Ian knows the importance of owning great equipment but also knowing that equipment well, as he says the camera is just an extention of your eyes and imagination.

Photography for Ian is about capturing the Moment and transforming that moment into an art form on paper. 

I believe in rules of thirds and rules to do with photography, however I also believe rules should be broken to explore the unexplored and create a difference in my photography says Ian.


What are Ian's preferred photographic styles

Ian prefer's to shoot weddings and portraits, although he also loves landscape/seascapes,  wildlife and some sport.

Commercial photography is also a big part and can be seen in the Gallery section.


Ian also has a studio for portraits which will comfortably accomodate families.

The studio is portable and  can go anywhere,  giving versatility.

For studio portraits please book via the phone number given below, prices are on the website but if unsure please ask


Contact details

For details and prices for weddings, portraiture or Land and Seascape Workshop days please contact Ian Robinson on

tel: 07830080496 or 01603 211971

Or find us here.





Prices are advertised on my site just click prices at top of page for weddings and portraits and for Workshop days click on workshops

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